Mars Twitter Accounts

The main action is still over on the Martian Soil Twitter account, but I wanted to take advantage of the spacious comforts of a full blog post to highlight some of the other Twitter dedicated to Mars exploration coverage:

Mars Missions

Mars groups and organizations

Mars scientists and engineers

  • colinpillinger: Colin Pillinger, planetary scientist and principal investigator for the 2003 British Beagle 2 Mars lander project.
  • Marscryovolc: Planetary Geologist, Spacetweep, NASA fan, Astronomer, Volcanologist.
  • marsroverdriver: Scott Maxwell, NASA’s lead rover driver for Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity (AKA The Coolest Job on Earth and Mars).
  • MarsRoverGirl: JPL robot engineer with coveted title of “Mars Rover Driver” by Julie Townsend. Helping girls discover robotics and technology.
  • marssciencegrad: Studied Mars using visible and near-IR spectroscopy and now working on the Mars Science Lab rover.

Alas, no Twitter accounts for people like Stephen Squyres or Robert Zubrin. I guess they’re busy?

Mars enthusiasts bloggers and news sites

Miscellaneous Fun

  • Ares: In persona accounts from the forth planet itself.
  • KillerCuriosity: Unofficial parody site for NASA’s 2011 Mars Science Laboratory rover.
  • ThePlanetMars: Another Mars persona account, albeit inactive.
  • BuyPlanetMars: Scam to sell you real estate on Mars. Don’t visit them.

Am I missing any? Send in your Twitter account handle to get it listed here.

There’s a great number of space enthusiast folks on Twitter, but I’d like to keep this list limited to people directly connected to Mars exploration or accounts predominantly dedicated to Mars. For other accounts to follow, wander over to the Space Tweep Society, or check out the space section on WeFollow.

While you’re here, check out my other curated post on 2011 Mars events.